Our systematic approach is designed to ensure a thorough needs analysis and understanding of ours Clients by reviewing the existing service level standards, measurement tools, policies and procedures, then to experience the customer experience first-hand, which will enable us to identify any loopholes in the existing tools, recommend possible solutions and compile an action plan required to meet our Clients objectives.

We follow these basic steps: 

Step 1:

  • Meet with Owner/MD/GM
  • Establish mission, vision and goals of establishment
  • Identify strategic objectives
  • Identify any service barriers (where problems may exist)
  • Review existing standards, training programmes, policies and procedures
  • Evaluate quality of existing product
  • Establish the training needs
  • Identify focus areas
  • Guest comments, guest profiles (business vs leisure, domestic vs international tourist, government), guest history
  • Mechanism to monitor guest experiences
  • Guest evaluation measurement
  • Site inspection and orientation
  • Establish the Clients Organogram
  • Quality measurement tool

Step 2:

  • Customer service experience – current measurement tools in place and feedback 

Step 3:

  • Guest Experience (actual A-Z guest experience)
  • Conduct needs analysis
    • Branding
    • Customer Experience
    • Service
    • Training and Development
    • Operational
    • Physical Product
    • Cleanliness and Condition 

Step 4:

  • Feedback and recommendations 

Step 5:

  • Develop action plan
  • Agree action plan 

Step 6:

  • Design, Review and Implementation 

Step 7:

  • Monitor, Review and Feedback
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