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ACE Quality Assurance


ACE is a team of dynamic and highly skilled individuals who aspire to establish a new level of Customer Service. We achieve this through empowering service orientated organisations and people by imparting knowledge, skill and the ability to create an unforgettable Service Experience.


Customer Service can be defined as “the delivery of service to customers before, during and after an experience.”

ACE’s vision is therefore to create a customer service philosophy in harmony with your organisation that is exceptional in the delivery of the all-round customer experience by enabling your business to achieve a high level of effectiveness, flexibility and efficiency by delivering exceptional sustainable service levels time and time again.


  • Understand and represent the interests of our Clients/Key Stakeholders
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with our Clients/Key Stakeholders
  • Continually assess any risk for the benefit of our Clients/Key Stakeholders
  • Add value to the product or the service of the Clients/Key Stakeholders
  • Ensure consistency in our approach in service excellence
  • Supportive in providing solutions to the challenges faced by the Clients/Key Stakeholders
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